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  • Archeological Museum

    Incredible collection of sarcophagi, tools, tombstones, jewellery, weapons, coins and mosaics found within the archaeological site of Salona. It focuses mostly on the Roman influence, although there are exhibits from the Greek, Illyrian and Asia Minor cultures.

  • Meštrović Gallery

    Learn the story of the artist who shaped contemporary Yugoslavian art by exploring his gallery. In order to see his entire opus one would have to spend quite some time travelling through the various former Yugoslav countries and exploring countless cities, as Meštrović’s work is present in many of the more popular towns, landscapes, villages and cities of ex-Yugoslavia. Luckily, this gallery will save you the trip, as it displays his most notable work.

  • Krka & Šibenik

    The trinity of senses: the smell of fresh air, the awe inspiring beauty that you can see wherever you look and the sound of water crashing against the rocks. It is no surprise that frequent guests of Croatia visit and revisit the national park constantly. Afterwards, enjoy a leisurely stroll through the medieval town of Šibenik, the seat of power of the Croatian king Petar Krešimir IV.

  • Salona

    If you like history, this is definitely the tour for you. Explore a ruin city that was once the great capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia and had 60,000 people in the 2nd century AD. This city influenced the whole region and its demise was directly connected to the future of Split. A true paradise for archaeologists and history admirers alike.

  • Split

    Split is definitely the highlight of the region and without this city it is highly unlikely that any other gems of Central Dalmatia would have been discovered. The entire old town of Split is under UNESCO protection, but the focus of our tour is the ancient palace itself.

  • Trogir

    Trogir will allow you to see a lot, without walking too much. Trogir is a maze in which people love to get lost. Every street will offer a new photo opportunity, every building is of architectural interest. It is no wonder that this is the case, since Trogir was a city of nobility who built magnificent palaces in their home town.