Archeological Museum

Real historical marvel

For historians, history admirers and those who just want to expand their knowledge, this museum is a must see! It hosts an incredible collection of sarcophagi, tools, tombstones, jewellery, weapons, coins and mosaics found within the archaeological site of Salona. It focuses mostly on the Roman influence, although there are exhibits from the Greek, Illyrian and Asia Minor cultures.

This museum has extraordinarily well preserved artifacts, due to the fact that not all of the parts of Salona were looted by the barbarians. The epitaphs tell us about the diversity of people and their attitudes towards life and death. From the miserable “I have ventured far and wide, high and low, and have nothing to show for it, but this pathetic tomb” to the more amusing and far less grim “Being an actor in life, I had died many deaths, but never quite like this”.

Learn from our guides

Learn from your local guides how bits and pieces of information help us understand the events that took place, how the inscriptions confirm our theories or force us to consider other possibilities. See how the Roman pagan beliefs gradually gave way to Christianity and how they influenced the religion in its infant form. See how the Romans boasted about the victories and achievements in life and learn about the constant struggle between ancestors and offsprings.

Tour information

The tour will start in the outer area of the museums, going in a clockwise direction and following a chronological timeline from the 4th century BC into the 4th century AD, with the last section being an exception where the artifacts are somewhat disorderly placed. Afterwards continue to the inside of the museum where again you will experience the museum in a clockwise direction, with the exhibits lined up in ascending chronological fashion starting from the 6th century BC and finishing with the 9th - 10th century AD.