Explore a ruin city that was once the great capital

If you like history, this is definitely the tour for you. Explore a ruin city that was once the great capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia and had 60,000 people in the 2nd century AD. As you walk through one of the oldest Christian cemeteries, you will notice how the grandeur of Salona was ultimately its undoing. Observe how the city rose to power, got destroyed, forgotten and finally rediscovered.

The tour will encompass the old town and the new town(4th-5th century AD), including a walk to the amphitheatre that had approximately 17,000 seats. The vestige of the once great city may look confusing, but with a local guide this city will prove to be a valuable chapter in the story of your knowledge and understanding of the ancient world. The tour includes a visit to the tiny museum, which functioned as a home to the main archaeologist of this site, Frane Bulić.

Undiscovered ruins

Learn how the ruins are observed to get a feeling for the city and decyphering their purposes. The beauty of Salona lies therein that it is a mystery still awaiting to be discovered. A great deal of Salona is still unknown to us and imagine that even as you are reading this, more of Salona is being discovered. Let us also not forget that Salona was the home town of the emperor who built the palace in Split, Diocletian.

It is highly advisable that if you appreciate history that you explore both of these cities as their histories are intertwined and fully understanding one without the other is exceedingly difficult. It is only after you understand the background story that you will be able to fully appreciate what you are visiting and bring great stories and fond memories back home.