Gem of Croatia

Split is definitely the highlight of the region and without this city it is highly unlikely that any other gems of Central Dalmatia would have been discovered. The second largest city of Croatia owes its popularity to the magnificently well preserved Roman palace from 305 AD. It is rare to see a building of this age so well preserved and even rarer still to find that such a site is fully inhabited.

The continuity of life in this area is absolutely amazing. The entire old town of Split is under UNESCO protection, but the focus of our tour is the ancient palace itself, while also covering the medieval part of town which was constructed within the palace itself and just outside its walls. In a historical setting such as this one it is imperative to have a local guide.

Tour information

Our tour covers everything, from the life and rule of the emperor Diocletian, who built the palace and was extremely influential in his time, through the art of construction of various parts of the palace, as well the changes some of them underwent with time and their functions throughout history. Explore the extremely well intact parts of the palace, roam through the entire site and discover details that even most locals would not know about.

Needless to say, discussing local life and how history resonates in a modern setting is also a part of the experience. Rest assured that our guides will make history come to life and serve its ultimate purpose, teaching us a lesson in an entertaining and informative way.

The benefits of having a professional guide lie not only in the vast knowledge which should provide you with all the answers you may seek, but also with the ability to present relevant stories in a coherent and, as often as possible, humorous way. Diocletian’s palace in Split will not only be a lasting and fond memory, but you will also gain knowledge on this tour that you can reuse while exploring numerous other ancient sites in the future.