The City of a Happy Moment

This little pearl of the Adriatic is situated between the larger island of Čiovo and the mainland. It is, in fact, a psuedo-island, that is connected with bridges to both the mainland and the aforementioned island of Čiovo. With a length of only 800 meters and a width of 350 meters, Trogir will allow you to see a lot, without walking too much. Trogir is a maze in which people love to get lost. Every street will offer a new photo opportunity, every building is of architectural interest. It is no wonder that this is the case, since Trogir was a city of nobility who built magnificent palaces in their home town.

Noblemen’s town

Many noble families were so wealthy that their power stretched well beyond the city limits into the small castle-villages of Kaštela. The Cathedral of St. Lawrence offers fascinating architectural examples of multiple styles and the portal of Master Radovan leaves all who see it in a state of absolute awe; the amount of detail, the story behind the images, all of these will be made clear to you by your local guide. Take stories that you can reuse in your future travels, learn about the styles and how the mentality of the people changed from epoch to epoch.

Of course, there is always a way to add to you tour, so why not have a guide whose ancestors were actual nobility of Trogir. From the earliest records up until the Communist era the proud Andreis family has left an unforgettable trace in Trogir.

Join us on a walk through history and discover a city that is as rich in history as it is eye-appealing. Trogir has many nicknames: “Small Venice”, “Capital of Ice cream”, “Noblemen’s town”, but the only fitting nickname is “The City of a Happy Moment”. We will not spoil any stories just yet, but let us just say that this nickname has much to do with the feeling that you get while you are in Trogir, but is also connected to the ancient Greek deity, Kairos.